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This could not have come at a better time.

As a twenty-three year old financially dependent on my parent, trying to make it through school has not been an easy task. My mother, a single parent, works as a clerk a job that as you can guess has not been earning her enough to put both my brother and me through college. In the past, both my brother and I haven’t been lucky being forced to defer semesters severally due to unpaid fees. Things got even worse when my brother went missing, and my financer fell into depression. Unable to work, she’s been off the payroll for a while now, and I’ve been forced to work any job I can take care of her and try and pay part of the tuition fees. It has not been easy.

Even with unpaid fees, one is allowed to attend classes but not sit for the final exam, and I’ve seen and used this as an opportunity to perfect what I learn in class. Since my freshman year, I have attended class without fail and watched three different groups move ahead when my arrears have been too high to allow me to sit for exams. This has affected my self- esteem when I have to explain to every passing group why I won’t sit for the exams. I’ve also felt inferior sitting in class with persons relatively younger than me. Many times, I’ve thought of quitting altogether but with my brother’s disappearance and mother’s depression, this is not even an option. When I applied for the scholarship, I knew I stood a chance because my grades are good, but everything else pulled me down telling me even if I deserved it there was no way I would get it.

Again, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel relieved because I’ll be able to go through school with one less worry, that of tuition fees and I can focus on my education. I also feel that my mother’s condition is going to get better when she sees that I’ve been given a chance to make it in life. By completing my accounting degree, I’ll be able to get a steady income to give her the care she deserves. Having worked for our good, surely, this scholarship is a chance for me to extend my gratitude to her when I finally complete my degree.

Degrees That Make The Most Financial Sense

Getting a degree is important these days. However, there are degrees that do not easily translate into jobs after graduation. It is important to find a degree that does tend to translate into employment, if you are looking to have a good paycheck after graduation. Degrees must be marketable in order to be useful in the world of employment.

There are many degrees that typically do not lead to good employment prospects. Examples of this are things like art history, Latin, philosophy, or anything else that is narrow and does not have anything marketable associated with it. However, even in these fields, it is possible to finds jobs teaching the subject. There may be a lot of competition for jobs as a college professor though. If you are able to relocate or live near a university, you might have a decent shot at finding work teaching these subjects.

I majored in sociology. This degree is quite broad in it’s focus. However, due to it’s broad nature, a sociology degree can be marketed to employers in various ways. Having a degree in this area shows that you have a solid knowledge base in how the world operates. This can be useful in fields such as activism, advertising, marketing, business, teaching, and many others.

Graduate degrees tend to advance one’s employment prospects. I am considering going into teaching. This would likely require a graduate degree, or an additional certificate. With this specified training, I would have much better job prospects than I do today. Teaching jobs pay fairly well, compared to many other occupations. It certainly won’t break the bank, but it is a very stable job.

There were peers of mine in college who had far more lucrative majors that did not require additional schooling. Of the majors that I am aware of, business is perhaps the most lucrative of majors. It is widely known that those with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) tend to have exceptionally good job prospects after graduation. Specific and technical majors also tend to lead to good job prospects. Many people I have known studied technical majors. These majors tended to lead to high paying job prospects after graduation.

Additionally, specific professional degrees can lead to very high earning positions. Examples of this are law and medicine. Peers of mine who majored in these areas tended to do very well after graduation. Doctors and lawyers commonly earn six figures. In fact, there are quite a few doctors and lawyers who earn more than half a million dollars a year.

Ready to Get Ahead in Life and Get a Degree

While I know I can keep living paycheck to paycheck, if I want to get ahead in life, getting a degree is the best decision for me. The career of my dreams requires a degree and I will not be able to get it if I just think about it and dream about it. I need to actually do something about it. So, I am very excited to be going back an education and my degree.

I have some friends who are in school already. Some have parents helping them pay for their bills and some still have full time jobs and are somehow managing to juggle everything. I even have a friend who is a single mom and is going back to school for her doctorate degree! If a single mom who works, has a daughter, and is going to school can do it, so can I. The interesting thing is that for all my friends who are in school right now, I rarely hear any of them complain about their life. When I am at work, I hear people complaining everyday about how they wish they made more money or were in a different place in their lives, interesting right?

I feel that God blesses us with so many gifts. He lets us know that there is a limitless source of abundance and that we should never want for anything. I feel that the more we spend our time thinking about what we really want, the more we will get that much closer to attaining those things. The more time we spend complaining about what we do not have, the more we will end up complaining. I have read plenty of laws of attraction books that advise to think about what we want the most because whatever we think about the most comes into our lives.

I would rather be focusing on making more money, have a dream career and being happy than to be where I am in my life right now, complaining and feeling like everyone has a better life than me. I am ready to start thinking about everything I can buy once I start making more money. I am ready to be able to do more fun things because I will have enough money to just pick up and go on a great trip or go to a fun event.


Everyone deserves to be employed and to be an employer in the future. I am Susan Lopez. I studied health care science in North California College which I completed and as for now I am completing my nursing career in Southern State California University. I have learned allot through nursing as a career such as differentiating between type1 diabetes mellitus and type 2 diabetes mellitus. I love to do different clinical research so as to come up with a concrete fact about the certain illness. I have a passion for assisting people who have different problems and that is why I joined the nursing career so that I can be able to assist people who have different health problems. What interests me to be a nurse is that it is a career in which someone will take to help others and make them feel better.

Throughout my career, there is always someone who inspires me due to his real life stories and novels thus Ben Carson, who never gives up on his career and hence he is a neurosurgeon till today. I also believe that my career will come to reality. My goal through nursing career is to help the community at large by volunteering and visiting the sick in their homes for them to get better. My biggest career goal is to create a non-profit institution where sick people will be coming for check-ups. Also, I will also make internships with college students who are pursuing nursing by making them check the progress of sick people at home since they don’t have enough resources to get to the hospitals. Furthermore, I have also created my last career goal whereby, I will be able to provide mobile clinics in which it will be easier for people to go and also the mobile clinic will be able to reach where hospitals are not available.

I have prepared myself very well in my nursing career, through my in-depth analysis of library research and health encyclopedias. During my study I also got a chance to go to the field with qualified nurses in which it was a start of journey for me since I learnt allot and thus I increased more knowledge and understanding about my career.

Nursing is a very important profession since it is the only career that helps people who are in need of getting well. I am positive that my dream will come to reality so that different communities and United States at large can have a positive impact on their health.